Sponsors & volunteers

In Appreciation of Our Sponsors

On behalf of Tom Pernice Jr., we would like to thank you for your participation in the 2016 Tom Pernice, Jr. Charity Golf Classic. We recognize you as an important part of our success!

List of our volunteers

All of this could not be possible if it wasn’t for folks such as you! Your dedication to make sure every piece is in its place, your willingness to work long hard hours, your acts of kindness, and your thoughtfulness cannot go unnoticed. So from our family to you and yours we thank you for your hearts of gold, your smiles on dark days, your long hours of service and your overwhelming generosity! Your dedication is appreciated and distinguished!

Gilbert Aceves
Suzie Aceves
Tim Alexander
Janet Allen
Pete Aviles
Neal Baldon
Christine Beamer
Brad Belus
Debbie Belus
Judy Borgschatz
Jamie Bower
Carolyn Bradshaw
Sandy Britto
Ann Cane
Pat Casady
Orm Chaisawang
Kathie Chism
Cissy Clemont
Don Coon
Laurie Cosmie
Paul Cramer
Lisa Curl
Evelyn Davis
Tom DeArcos
Bridgett Diemer
Debbie Dowdell
Valerie Duran
Jill Eaton
Adam Espinosa
Tim Evans
Bill Ferguson
Janet Flether
Carlo Galioto
Mike Green
Eileen Hards
Ben Hartnell
Karen Hoodle
Mike Horton
Joe Horzen
Eliene Hughes
Debbie Jenkins
Madi Jenkins
Clarisa Kirk
Kim Kojan
Rick Kojan
Forest Lawn
Precillia Leflein
Kathy Marcelleta
Chris Mardis
Tyler Mardis
Joe Marin
Dawn McCoy
Don McCoy
Margie Miller
Mitch Morales
Jessica Morrison
Stan Morrison
Lori Nevens
Clarisse Paul
Monica Perches
Linda Pernice
Shannon Pernice
James Persinger
Kelly Preuss
AnnMarie Quinn
Donna Rantz
Ernesto Rosales
Devonne Rowlen
Donna Sandberg
Scott Schroeder
Trisha Shakarian
Joe Smolinski
Karen Smolinski
Linda Stratton
Bob Sturner
Kay Toliver
Holly Valencia
Mandy Venturina